Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Shout Outs!

On the right hand side of this page when you scroll down, there's a little box with the heading "Live Traffic Feed." It lists the last 10 people that have landed on my page. It even shows the website they came from. I added it almost two months ago and since then it has said that visitors to my blog have come from such diverse places as Iceland, Turkey, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Nigeria, Ireland, Scotland, Cameroon and cities in states all over the United States. I'm not sure if the thing is accurate, but if it is I'd like to shout out a big
H E  L L O !
to all you lovely people from around the world! I think it's so cool that you stopped on my blog and hopefully something you read here makes you laugh, smile, or think. I've been on a mini hiatus because of one killer paper that I'm working on in order to graduate, but I shall return shortly with more of my thoughts.   : )


  1. Good luck on your final paper and congratulations on your upcoming graduation


  2. Yay Graduate! I'm so happy for you Chi Chi

  3. Thank you prisim and Ashley!!! The paper is coming along....

  4. You don't have to include Uganda, that's cool.. but congrats you are almost graduating! Big girl Chichi!!!! :D

  5. Adora, is that you? Lol. I guess I forgot Uganda because when I go to my account to see the page-visit history, it only goes back so far, and that might have been too far back to be listed in the history. And I didn't want to go just from memory cause I might not be as accurate. Anyways, it was just a general list. You know I gots mad love for my Uganda peeps and your rapping president! Lol....