Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meah Tweh

I love when I come across people doing things in creative new ways, so I was enchanted to find out Meah Tweh.

Meah's a Detroit girl publishing her own book of poetry Color Me Beautiful and Other Poems about Life, Love and Dreams and is doing via her own publishing company, Zealot Press.

The book is a collection of Meah's recent poetry. It aims to uplift women of all races, especially black women, to stand up and be who you are. It's a message that black women in any part of the world can appreciate. Ms. Tweh happens to be born of a black American mother and a Liberian father, making her a Liberian American girl :).

Another unique aspect of this project is that Meah is using to raise a portion of the funds. Kickstarter allows people with an idea to put it in front of the world and receive pledges from backers. The person sets a goal and if met, Kickstarter collects the pledges and gives the money for their project. However, if the goal is not met, Kickstarter cancels all pledges. It's all or nothing! Either way though, Meah's book release party is set for July 22.

So far Meah's got $370 of her $500 goal and Tuesday June 14 is the last day. I know she can do it! If you're interested in supporting Meah you can do so on her Kickstarter page by clicking here or going to and searching Meah Tweh. To find out more about Meah you can go to her website

It's funny because I only found out about Meah because of a Facebook suggestion to like her fan page. It turns out that we both graduated from Wayne State and have quite a few friends in common. It's a small world indeed :)