Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back Again

I guess over six months (almost seven) is a long enough of a hiatus for me to come back to my blog again. Olympics came and went. So many crazy events around the world have come and gone. But I'm still here, alive and kicking. So what's new with me?

Things are going alright. Life after school is definitely a climb. But we gon' make it.
My grandmother died in Nigeria a little over a month ago. Just after my grandfather's burial too. My grandfather died last September (see my post Grandpa's Gone,) but was only buried in late July this year because we had to finish building the family home in the village and all the traditional things that require money.

It took our family quite a while to get all the money for the house and burial, which my parents sent as we got it. My grandmother made a big to do about her husbands funeral. We have to do this; we have to do that. My mom had to let her know what we couldn't afford. In the end, it was a nice affair, though I wasn't able to attend. And then, just a few days later, my grandmother died. She had diabetes, was in the village when her blood sugar went high. Before they could get her to a decent hospital, it was too late.

I really don't have too many words left to say. My grandmother was dear to me. I was the first grandchild and she called me Ijeoma. When we talked on the phone she would pray for me and tell me how she couldn't wait to see us. And now, just like that, she's gone. Only God knows why. But I am assured that her soul is resting with the Almighty God, and she's will the man she loved so dearly for so many years... my grandfather.

My mom is going to Nigeria for the funeral and you already know, I'm just itching to go so bad. But my money is kind of funny right now, so I don't think it will be possible... Sigh.

Yeah, sorry for the downer post after so long... Will be back with some happier stuff soon :)

Anyways, this song has been so comforting to me though... Ibu Ngalaba jisi ndu m... You are the pillar that holds my life, talking to God. You know I love my Igbo culture, now :). And somehow, my favorite Igbo and Nigerian praise songs make me feel closer to my family back home. Another way of preserving culture, I guess...