Friday, February 11, 2011

Amazed at Egypt

Watching the turn of events in Egypt, I can only be amazed. It seems a new way to overthrow leaders who have held their grip on power for so long has been discovered. Everyday as I watched the news, I held my breath and prayed that the protest would not slide into uncontrolled violence among the protesters or just as bad- that the government would retaliate mercilessly, tired of having its power challenged.

But even after small battles between pro and anti Mubarak protesters, the overwhelming tide of the desire for change swept through Egypt and won. It's truly amazing to me. Now that Mubarak has stepped down, my prayer is that as people are rejoicing, their joy is not turned to sadness. Peace is what is needed, no matter what. I pray that Egypt stabilizes and the next rulers of Egypt rule the country with justice and respect for the desires of the Egyptian people.

One of my friends posted a status on Facebook saying that if Nigerians knew that they could oust a president through protesting, they would have brought an end to Ibrahim Babangida's regime. It's an interesting thought. But the victory for Egyptians came because of a combination of things, including the president's unwillingness to unleash violence on his citizens and a multitude of international media attention and pressure on Mubarak. Would the rest of the world care as much if it was a country like Nigeria? There are crises all over Africa, but look at how little coverage they get in western media. Also, so many governments are willing to use harsh violence against their citizens, which is a quick way to put down a revolution of people who are poor and have little to fight with.

Still, it leaves me wondering if this is a new pattern that will be continued across the world in places where people are unsatisfied with their government. We shall see...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lessons in integrity

Yesterday I went online to check my bank account for my paycheck, which was due to be deposited. I logged onto my account and to my surprise, more than twice the amount I was expecting had been deposited. Chineke me! Instead of to ask for money, dem go even add extra to my account? This na reverse 419!

At first I was like "Oh my goodness! My pastor was prophesying double portion over us on Sunday...Maybe this is it!" Hahaha... That only lasted for a second, though. Though I definitely believe the man of God, I definitely know that anything God gives to me will be done decently and in order with honesty and integrity, not by trickery or mistake. So I decided to just make sure with the payroll office today.

It turns out that somebody's entire check (one Igbo guy named Chi-something) was deposited into my account in addition to my own. Ehhhh wooo. See me see trouble o. The lady that does payroll  mixed our names up and put his hours in my name.

You see, I worked at two university departments last semester. One of the jobs ended when I graduated in December, but the other will last until June. I got paid as usual by the department where I  still work now, but my old department accidentally put that Chi-something guy's hours under my name, resulting in overpayment. Now I have to make a check out to the department's account.

I knew I had to do the right thing, but chei! That money was looking good in my account oh!. I had some things I could have really taken care of with it. God I know you've seen me oh! Please bless me for this act of integrity. I know He will though. And my double portion will come another way. The right way. :)