Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Again!

Like millions of people across the U.S., and the world for that matter, I am very glad that Obama won the election and will serving as president of the United States for a second term. That Mitt Romney joker was something else. He said the most inconsiderate things and really seems like a real jerk. He didn't even have a concrete plan to stand on. Still, he got 49 percent of the popular vote. But it wasn't enough, and the votes that really count are those of the electoral college. Obama cleaned house in the electoral college, winning 303 of these votes to Romney's 206.

It amazed me that the popular vote was as close as it was. I mean, who really would want a president that says that 47 percent of the country doesn't matter to him o_O? Well guess what, Romney? Fifty percent of the country doesn't care about YOU and your agenda (whatever it is)! As Beyonce said..... "To the left, to the left. Everything you own in a box to the left!" LOL!

Now I know that some Christians are up in arms because Obama supports gay marriage. As a Christan, I don't agree with the president's point of view on this matter, but my thing is, how can anyone vote for president based on ONE ISSUE???? Ridiculous. I'm not a fan of abortion either, but I realize that a president's personal opinion is not enough to reverse a court ruling that goes back for decades. Roe vs. Wade is not going anywhere, so there's no point voting for a president based on his opinion on these issues.

When it comes to helping young people, Obama gets it. His healthcare plan makes it possible for young adults to stay on their parents insurance until age 26. That's a big deal in these tough times when good jobs with benefits can be hard to come by. It's made a difference in my life, for sure.

Our president gets it when it comes to children of illegal immigrants. A two-year-old can do nothing if their parents enters the country illegally and bring them along. But if that child grows up in this country, living as an American citizen for all of their life, what sense does it make to deport them from the only home they've ever known? Through an executive order this summer, Obama made sure that young people brought into the country illegally (and who meet certain requirements) will not be deported.

I live in Michigan, the automotive capital of the world. My dad works for one of the big three auto companies. Obama's bailout of the auto industry prevented a near meltdown of an industry that supports millions of families. This one really hits home.

Obama is just a man. But he's a man that means what he says and will work to get it done. He comes off as genuine and sincere, which is more than I can say about Romney. Republicans will have to get it together and stop trying to block everything that Obama is trying to accomplish. And get a candidate with some relatability if you want to win, my goodness!

I'm praying for an even more successful new term for President Obama and that Democrats and Republicans in Congress can  work together on the issues facing the nation.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back Again

I guess over six months (almost seven) is a long enough of a hiatus for me to come back to my blog again. Olympics came and went. So many crazy events around the world have come and gone. But I'm still here, alive and kicking. So what's new with me?

Things are going alright. Life after school is definitely a climb. But we gon' make it.
My grandmother died in Nigeria a little over a month ago. Just after my grandfather's burial too. My grandfather died last September (see my post Grandpa's Gone,) but was only buried in late July this year because we had to finish building the family home in the village and all the traditional things that require money.

It took our family quite a while to get all the money for the house and burial, which my parents sent as we got it. My grandmother made a big to do about her husbands funeral. We have to do this; we have to do that. My mom had to let her know what we couldn't afford. In the end, it was a nice affair, though I wasn't able to attend. And then, just a few days later, my grandmother died. She had diabetes, was in the village when her blood sugar went high. Before they could get her to a decent hospital, it was too late.

I really don't have too many words left to say. My grandmother was dear to me. I was the first grandchild and she called me Ijeoma. When we talked on the phone she would pray for me and tell me how she couldn't wait to see us. And now, just like that, she's gone. Only God knows why. But I am assured that her soul is resting with the Almighty God, and she's will the man she loved so dearly for so many years... my grandfather.

My mom is going to Nigeria for the funeral and you already know, I'm just itching to go so bad. But my money is kind of funny right now, so I don't think it will be possible... Sigh.

Yeah, sorry for the downer post after so long... Will be back with some happier stuff soon :)

Anyways, this song has been so comforting to me though... Ibu Ngalaba jisi ndu m... You are the pillar that holds my life, talking to God. You know I love my Igbo culture, now :). And somehow, my favorite Igbo and Nigerian praise songs make me feel closer to my family back home. Another way of preserving culture, I guess...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


My people, what's up? Almost a month since I've said anything to you all... What in the heck has been up? Well, for starters, I finished my program in graphic design, web design, and video production this past Wednesday.. Yay! The search for my first full-time job is on and roaring! I'm looking from the east coast, to the west coast for this one... But if I find one in Michigan, so be it.. Man pikin must survive, abi? Lol

I turned 24 on Tuesday, so woo hooo!!! 24 sounds so much older than 23 to me for some reason. Scary...

Oh and, I'm sure all of you have heard of FELA! on Broadway, that's touring the U.S. right now. I got to see it this past Wednesday at the Music Hall here in Detroit, and it was excellent! Here's a clip of the show I found on Youtube...

Quite a show. The dancing was phenomenal. The singing was superb. I would see it again if I get a chance. But guess who's producing the show? Jay-Z and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. My only question is how in the world did they get involved or even interested in producing a show about the Nigerian music legend?

Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Gotta make my rounds on the blogs and see what everyone has been doing!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My president sings!

I went crazy when I saw this on the news today. I was so surprised.... Obama sings pretty well! At least that's what it sounds like after listening to those few lines. I wonder how long he practiced that. Cause when he came to Detroit in 2008 and sang a line from Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools," he didn't sound too hot. Hehehehe.......After he gets out of office, he could make a killing making music... LOL! Depending on how the election goes, that will either be next January, or January 2017. I'm rooting for his second term. Not because of his singing though, lol.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nigeria Not At Rest

I remember last year when Egypt was in upheaval to get Mubarak to leave office. My mom was amazed at the way change was taking place, but was convinced that the same could never happen in Nigeria. "Nigerians love their lives too much," she said. They would never take to the streets and risk their lives in protest of the government. I mean, life is already unstable enough in the country, and its not uncommon for people to die at the drop of a hat, sometimes doing things as simple as going to the market.

But looking at what is happening now, I really question my mom's position. I'm not talking about the senseless killings of Boko Haram and the Muslim-Christian madness that's going on in the north. I'm talking about the protests against the sudden removal of the fuel subsidy. People are taking to the streets all across the country. Boys are not smiling, as they say. Could this really be the start of widespread change in Nigeria?  Things are certainly coming to a climax, and something's gotta give. Vanguard Newspaper is a great resource to know whats happening. May I suggest a brilliant article that I just read titled UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF N141+ FUEL —1 by Dele Sobowale.
I encourage all my young Naija peeps to keep up and watch what's going on. This just might be history in the making. And don't forget to pray for Nigeria: for peace; for stability; for change.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vote for Ebere Okezie

Please take a second to vote for my bro, Ebere Okezie, who's applying for this scholarship essay competition. (Click below)

A year and a half ago,  we met Ebere when he came to Detroit from Houston to participate in a youth talent competition sponsored by the Assemblies of God. He competed in the rap portion and did very well. In that short week, he stayed with my family because his parents are friends with my parents and my sisters and I took to him like a brother. They made so many inside jokes that they still laugh about today.
Ebere and my sisters (one of whom is also named Ebere - the one to his right, lol)

Now he's in his second year at Baylor University in Texas, he's applied to an essay scholarship and he needs your vote to win. Please click on his picture to the right to read the essay and vote for him. Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012


My sisters and I on New Years Eve at my church
My people, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I thank God for the blessing of seeing a new year. There are many people who didn't make it o! Yesterday I talked on the phone with my uncle and my grandma, calling us from Naija to wish us Happy New year, and also saying happy birthday to my sister, a new year's baby. She's the one in the purple dress in the pic above.  She's 18! Oh my goodness, I still remember the day she was being born. My dad took us to one of our family friend's house and we watched Free Willy and slid down the carpet stairs on our bottoms for fun.... Man! Those were the days.... Anyways, the girl is a senior in high school and applying to colleges and what not. Wow! Time flies...

I love talking to my grandma though. She's my mom's mom and my only living grandparent. I always feel special when she calls me Ijeoma, the name she gave me. Ijeoma means "good journey" and she said they gave me that name because my mother's journey to marry my dad was a good one, me being the result; I was her first grandchild. :) Yesterday when I talked to her she told me that they're praying for us, like always and that for me in particular, she's praying for marriage, since that's the next thing a woman of my age would want... Lol... Got to love grandma. I just said amen. Hehehehe.... We'll see what God brings in 2012, and I'll leave that at that!

I think this is the year when we'll finally be going to Naija, mainly for my grandfather's burial, but it will be really good to see all my family. I'm expecting some great things this year, by God's grace. I hope you are too!