Monday, December 21, 2009


And so a journey begins...

There was once a time when I never thought I would count myself among those that freely spew their thoughts on the Internet for all to see; now here I am. I guess you can say I've had a change of heart.

Who am I? I am the Naija American Girl. What, some may ask, is that? The answer is simple. I'm a person born in the USA of two Nigerian parents. The first generation of my family on both sides to be born here. I represent thousands of descendants of Nigerians born in the United States; millions born in countries around the world. I won't deceive myself into believing that our group is a homogeneous one; we are as diverse as any group can be. But we do have many things in common, from the experiences we have when it comes to teaching others how to say our name, to our family structure.

This blog, though, will be mostly my personal view on a wide variety of topics on, from music to literature, to current events and just stuff that's happening in my life. It won't be limited to just things that affect Naija Americans, Nigerians, or Africans, for that matter, but I'm definitely going to go there.

So come with me on my journey.....and feel free to chime in whenever you feel the urge!


  1. Welcome to blogville! I think I'm going to enjoy reading this blog.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'd be honored to have your audience! :)