Friday, January 15, 2010

On Haiti

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I hate seeing stories of devastation in the news. I have a tendency to internalize them and it makes me feel sad for a long period of time; tears are not uncommon. So at first, I tried to avoid watching too much of the news on the earthquake in Haiti. But of course, my curiosity and heart for the human race can't let me ignore it.

There's not really much I can say in the wake of such pain and suffering. Haiti was already a very poor country, the poorest in the western hemisphere, from what I heard. This earthquake devastated an already struggling country.

For me, the worst part is seeing the massive piles of bodies, many of them unidentified by loved ones, dumped in mass graves. It's not that the people doing this don't have any compassion or respect for their fellow humans; it's just that they have no choice. Right now, they are just trying to survive. Also, seeing people in makeshift hospitals trying to get medical treatment, knowing many of them will die, is heartbreaking.

The most encouraging part is seeing the videos of people on CNN trying to let their family and friends know that they are still alive. Also, the database on of missing and found people is truly amazing. I love it when I hear of one more story of someone who found a missing loved one because of video on TV or information online. I think this system is the first of its kind; it will go down in history. Also, the rescue teams who are still pulling people out of rubble are doing great work in their heroic efforts to find those who might still be alive.

I was fascinated when I saw troops of people marching through the city, singing and clapping, trying to keep spirits up. This also truly amazed me. I haven't every seen anything like that in my life and I think it says some very positive things about the Haitian people.

All I can say now is, pray for Haiti. Donate to charities that are doing the necessary work there. God is great. Let us not doubt what He can do through us.

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