Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wayne State University almost never closes school, but today we have a SNOW DAY and I am TOO HAPPY! Hahaha.......  :))

Yesterday on American Idol the guy reppin' Naija, Bosa Mora, got sent home... :( I got a chance to interview him a few days ago, though. I put the interview on the post about him below. You should check it out. The guy seems very humble and genuine. I pray he finds other venues to his dream. Here's lookin' at you kid! ;) Lol....

Anyways,  this past Saturday  was Wayne County Community College's annual Passport to Africa. I was at the Downtown campus with my mom to sell jewelry that she and I make. There were lots of vendors selling jewelry, books, clothes, soaps, lotions, and even some African stores selling plantain and other dry goods. There was so much cool jewelry, African and not, that I couldn't help but patronize some other vendors.

 My mom selling her jewelry. She's been making jewelry for almost 3 years now and this was her first show. She did pretty good. :) She also found out about other events where vendors can sell their wares, so this is just a start for her.

 At the table next to ours was another mother/daughter duo selling all kinds of merchandise, from perfume and purses to stuffed animals and stationary. The mother was Terry, and her daughter Taylor was quite a little businesswoman. All of 11 years old, Taylor charmed many would-be passersby to stop at her mother's table. Terry said that Taylor had been helping her sell at various shows since Taylor was 5, telling people to come on over to her mother's table. Terry was really nice and gave my mom tips for selling at different shows. Thanks Terry!

The school did a good job of putting on this event. There was a fashion show with people modeling African clothes. It was kind of funny seeing the African Americans trying to dance to the African music that was playing. Lol....I guess the rhythms were kind of strange to them. There were also professional African drummers and dancers. After wowing the audience, the dancers pulled some kids from the audience to join them.

It was a pretty fun day. Wayne County is having Passport to Africa on it's other campuses throughout the month. Check out the schedule here.


  1. just stopping bye,seems you are a new blogger,welcome to the blogosphere ,join me also on my blog,cheers

  2. Thanks for the welcome. I'll be sure to check you out.

  3. I was just saying the other day there was no Nigerian on Idol. Didn't know about Bosa, pity he didn't make it to the finals.

    Your muma nd her jewelry look good, I hope she does well at other shows.

    Nice blog you have here.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Myne. I'll have to check you out too!

  5. I used to live in Dearborn. I went to Michigan - Dearborn campus. It is good to hear good things coming from Detroit at this point. I had pals at Wayne State.

  6. Your mom looks great!

    That's awesome that she's getting her entrepreneur groove going...I love that!

  7. Yeah, that's my mommy! She used to get mad when she got carded sometimes, and people still don't believe she has a kid as old as me. As for the entrepenuer spirit....I guess it runs in the family. On her side, though. Lol....

  8. didn't know there was a Nigerian on the idols, i guess cos the name didn't ring a Nigerian bell. lol!

    wish you and your mother all the best in your jewelry business. cheers!

  9. You know, if they hadn't shown background on him and his family, I wouldn't have known'Bosa Mora' doesn't ring Nigerian bells for me either! LOL! But, in interviewing him, I found out that his middle name is Chukwudi....Igbo Kwenu! That's Naija for sure.Hahahaha..... Maybe he shortened his name for American audiences...I should have asked....And thanks again for the well wishes!

  10. I am so sitting tight for another blog this way.