Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 ain't over yet

The leaves have fallen from the trees, the radio stations are playing Christmas music, and I've taken to tea drinking: the end of the year is upon us! As I sat at a restaurant after church today with some friends, I listened as they marveled about how fast 2010 has gone by. The year really has flown by. I can clearly picture this time last year and I remember everything that happened..... but the year's not over yet! Before this year is out I want to:

Visit my cousin in Ohio
Go shopping to augment my wardrobe
Type all of my hand-written poems
See a play
 Go ice skating
Have more friends visit my church
Read a good book
Bake cookies
Get together with my three friends from high school

All things I've done before (except ice skating). Just small simple stuff that will create nice memories and happy feelings. Lol. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's festivities automatically come with this time of year, so they're not on the list..... What do YOU want to do before the year is out?


  1. You're so right that the year isn't over yet, though I've been behaving like it is since the end of September.

    I like your to-do list...hope you manage to do them all, including the trip to Ohio. Before the end of the year I'd like to:

    ::make chin chin
    ::bake and gift some Christmas cookies
    ::put up curtain rods and curtains in my bedroom and my livingroom

    That's not such a daunting list...must learn not to procrastinate so much!

  2. Nice list! I think you can get it done. Procrasination is a killer though. I initially put baking cookies on my list too! But I removed it for some reason.....? Lol.

  3. Yes o, still more than a month left. I like your list. Mine include,

    Travel to Naija, :P
    Finish my next novel
    Finish my 2010 to be read pile, about 4 left
    Do some gift shopping.

    Have a nice week dear.

  4. Hmmm...but e remain a month o...anything can happen shaa...*grinning*...don't have any plans line up.

  5. Ms. Myne>>>your list sounds interesting o. Another novel eh? Speaking of to-be-read piles, A Heart to Mend is still in mine. Freddie Girl is ahead of it.....

    Ms. Nitty Gritty>>> One month is definitely a good enough time frame for a turn around. I believe o! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful year-ending.