Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lessons in integrity

Yesterday I went online to check my bank account for my paycheck, which was due to be deposited. I logged onto my account and to my surprise, more than twice the amount I was expecting had been deposited. Chineke me! Instead of to ask for money, dem go even add extra to my account? This na reverse 419!

At first I was like "Oh my goodness! My pastor was prophesying double portion over us on Sunday...Maybe this is it!" Hahaha... That only lasted for a second, though. Though I definitely believe the man of God, I definitely know that anything God gives to me will be done decently and in order with honesty and integrity, not by trickery or mistake. So I decided to just make sure with the payroll office today.

It turns out that somebody's entire check (one Igbo guy named Chi-something) was deposited into my account in addition to my own. Ehhhh wooo. See me see trouble o. The lady that does payroll  mixed our names up and put his hours in my name.

You see, I worked at two university departments last semester. One of the jobs ended when I graduated in December, but the other will last until June. I got paid as usual by the department where I  still work now, but my old department accidentally put that Chi-something guy's hours under my name, resulting in overpayment. Now I have to make a check out to the department's account.

I knew I had to do the right thing, but chei! That money was looking good in my account oh!. I had some things I could have really taken care of with it. God I know you've seen me oh! Please bless me for this act of integrity. I know He will though. And my double portion will come another way. The right way. :)


  1. I say a big Amen to that! It will be just as you've written!

    Anyone doing some dishonest things to bring in money, take note!

  2. Hahaha.... Yes o. I always believe that you reap what you sow, so there was no way I could have held onto that money... even though it would have been nice.......... Lol.

  3. hahah aren't you special. You will see God will reward you for what you did.

  4. Thanks BSNC.... He's already doing it o! Got an interview for a second job I've been wanting for a while. And the school even gave me a small refund for my good deed. :) God is good.

  5. Honesty is always the best policy. You must resist every temptation to sin against God! You are still blessed and highly favoured. Do not trade in temporal earthly possessions for heavenly everlasting riches.