Monday, September 5, 2011

ACFYA Detroit

Designed by moi :)
This weekend was madly busy, full of multiple trips to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring my sisters around, trying to do some homework, doing my hair, church, guests at the house, and such. Yesterday though, my friend Emily and I did a video announcing the start of African Christian Fellowship Young Adult Chapter, Detroit. To find out more about ACF, here's the national website.

And here's the video:

Hahaha... We had fun making it. We played the music out of Emily's car and turned it up, dancing on the sidewalk. Some of the neighbors must have thought we were crazy..... Shout out to my awesome friend Shavar who shot and directed the video for us. I'm looking forward to what God is doing. :)


  1. That poster looks sharp – kudos! Also: teach me :)

    The video made me smile, and Shavar has a nice steady hand. Great work all around and I hope you have a fantastic turnout next Saturday!

  2. Thanks GNG! I used Photoshop to do the flyer. Really have learned a lot at my school... And as for the video, it's great to have a friend who's great on camera. Thanks for the wishes!

  3. place who sang the song playing and whats the title of the song

  4. Paul Agubata is the artist, "Onye Nmeri"is the song title.