Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nigerian Hospitality

Man, I swear, I love my Naija people. We have our negatives and we have our positives, but in the end, there's nothing but love for them in my heart.

One contrast between Americans and Nigerians was made so clear to me a few years ago. A few of my friends and I were spending the night at one of our other friend's house. We stayed the night, woke up the next morning and were with her throughout the day. Do you know that she didn't offer us anything to eat the whole time we were there? I know we were there to hang out and help her with the event she had the next day, but I was like, come on. The night we got there we went and bought ourselves some food and the next day, we just went hungry until we ate at the event.

My friend obviously wasn't Naija! I mean, how can people come to your house, spend the night, and you won't offer them anything? Tufiakwa! It could never happen. If you enter a Naija person's house, you won't be there more than 10 minutes before they start bringing out little snacks and drinks.And don't be surprised if they start bringing out a full meal for you. Forget offering - they set it out before you and you're expected to take a little, at least, to show your appreciation (and that you trust them enough to eat their food).

My dad scolded us when we were young when we didn't bring out something for our guests, so now it's like second nature to me. I have to remember though, when I'm at the home of one of my American friends, that this is not always the custom.

Americans can even be eating right there in your face and won't even offer you anything. I'm thinking, "No, I didn't come to your house to eat, but are you really gonna sit here eating chicken in my face and not offer me some?" Lol.  Not all Americans are like this though. Some will conscientiously offer you something, but they certainly won't insist if you're hesitant. Hahahaha......


  1. Very true. I'm also used to asking people to join me when eating, something I learnt as I was growing up.