Monday, November 28, 2011

Extremely good weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was extremely good this year. Certainly I thank God for all of his blessings in my life, in the form of people and things. Lol. Really though, family and true friends are really part of what makes life worthwhile. We ate and ate until we couldn't move, watched movies, talked. It was awesome!

The next day my three younger sisters woke up and went Black Friday shopping. I didn't join them because I just said, make I keep my small money! Lol.... I did give them a little money to buy me some new black shoes and they brought me back something nice. 

See, I don't even try to fool myself; I know I have shop-a-holic tendencies, inherited from my mother, so I decided to not even go shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm very practical when it comes to shopping. I like my stuff cute and cheap for the most part. Lol. Not really one for name brands. So joining a long line of eager deal-seekers at 4 a.m. is definitely not my style. It seems when I go shopping, it's either for a couple very specific things. Otherwise I'm on the other end of the spectrum, looking to revamp my entire wardrobe. I've actually done that a few times in my working life. My wallet and bank account cries, but my closet thanks me. LOL! Won't be doing that again though, for a long time. I've slowly learned how to manage my money better.

I've been contemplating my next steps as I'll be finishing with my video, graphics and web program in February. Juggling a few options, but I know things will work out in the end.

Does the end of the year make you as reflective as it does me? It seems like every year, from September to December, I reflect on the year, the past few years and the path I've taken to where I am. Also get clarity on my next steps during this time of year. And many personally significant things happen in this time of year for me. This year is no different. I'm kinda excited for what God is doing, but pensive at the same time.................... Oh well, bout to go take care of some business... Take care!


  1. I gotta commend you for being able to resist Black Friday deals. I love a good deal and I can't resist!

    I too am reflective as the year draws to an end.

  2. Girl, I've been trying to be more responsible with my money... I started realizing that it's better to have some money in my pocket than to wear it, because it seems something more important always comes up as soon as it's spent!