Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vote for Ebere Okezie

Please take a second to vote for my bro, Ebere Okezie, who's applying for this scholarship essay competition. (Click below)

A year and a half ago,  we met Ebere when he came to Detroit from Houston to participate in a youth talent competition sponsored by the Assemblies of God. He competed in the rap portion and did very well. In that short week, he stayed with my family because his parents are friends with my parents and my sisters and I took to him like a brother. They made so many inside jokes that they still laugh about today.
Ebere and my sisters (one of whom is also named Ebere - the one to his right, lol)

Now he's in his second year at Baylor University in Texas, he's applied to an essay scholarship and he needs your vote to win. Please click on his picture to the right to read the essay and vote for him. Thanks!

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