Tuesday, August 2, 2016

When Naija kids get their first job (VERY FUNNY VIDEO)

In Nigeria, it's rare for a secondary school student to have a job just for the sake of having extra cash. A student who is working in Nigeria is probably doing so to help feed a very needy family. In fact, Many students get their first taste of employment as a NYSC corper after completing university. 

But in the United States, many high school students take pride in getting their first job, and most of the time it's just to have a few dollars in their pocket to buy small things or to go out with friends. As a matter of fact, your very own Naija American Girl had her first job in a McDonald's restaurant and my second at KFC, many years ago... Hahah... :D

Anyways, Naija parents, ever focused on raising children who are world-class in education and career, sometimes don't understand why their children would want to enter the workforce at an early age instead of focusing on studies. Take a minute to watch this funny video below by Madam Gracie and take a second to like the Madam Gracie Facebook page. 


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