Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Have all the fine girls joined gang?

"All the fine girls have joined gang. And all the good boys have joined gang(x2)
You are taking hot drinks, smoking cigarette, Wearing all black,
Bad gang
Keeping late night, Putting on dress, Carrying girls' Bad gang..."

Bad Gang by Ajebutter22 and Falz is a catchy song, but more than just a hypnotic rhythm, the lyrics and video made me question the state of youth in Nigeria.

The video is set on the scene of a university campus. Ajebutter22 plays a lecturer struggling to keep control of his unruly classroom, filled with students smoking, drinking, snapping selfies, and doing everything but paying attention to any sort of lecture. A group of girls walks in late and at least make some rough effort to show a little respect. Another girl walks in talking on her handset and the instructor loses it; he snatches the phone and drags her to the headmaster's office. The headmaster, played by Falz, starts scolding the girl, but in the end becomes seduced by the girl's antics. By the end of the video, both headmaster and instructor are dancing with the very students they were trying to scold. 

Though this is just another music video by two musicians looking to keep the attention of their fan base, it seems like a social commentary as well. In his rap, Falz mentions that the girl is now dating older men, even senators and going to Aso Rock. In a way, it's like he's telling girls who do such things to change their ways. We've all heard the cults that have their base on university campuses across Nigeria. The term "bad gang" is a reference to these groups.

The video does focus on the waywardness of young ladies more than that of young men, which is typical of the patriarchal Nigerian society. However, the video almost seems to be glorifying waywardness and not really condemning it, giving off the feel that to be a fine girl you need to join gang or a cult. 

What do you think, is this song making jest of a serious situation? Is it mocking those who scold youth? Or is it just a song made  for our dancing pleasure? Watch the video and see what you think.

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