Friday, August 12, 2016

Association of Husband Importers

"Importer, exporter, cocoa water..."
D'Banj in his song Igwe
A growing trend I've noticed, especially here in Michigan where I live, is Naija girls going to Nigeria to get married or engaged to Nigerian guys and bringing them back to the US. Some are Naija girls born in the United States, and some were born in Nigeria. Most times, the love connection comes through a friend or family member. Technology like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Skype help keep the communication flowing. Often, a few trips back and forth happen before all is said and done and the couple is together in the States.

A few years ago, my mind would have said only one thing: na green card them want o. After getting more life experience, I now see that love and compatibility can be found anywhere around this world, and the opportunity to go abroad may not necessarily be the motivating factor. I think more people have wised-up to the fact that life abroad is not as easy as it once seemed. To be honest, most know that it's easier and quicker to establish a profitable business in Nigeria, and there are less regulations. The road infrastructure, power supply, and security are the major setbacks to life in Nigeria. These things come into play when a couple is deciding where to start their life together.

Still, I had a male friend of mine call these ladies "Association of Husband Importers," hahaha. The way I see it, there is mutual benefit. These ladies are looking for good men who will love and appreciate them. Maybe it hasn't worked out with any of the guys in their area, and so they decide to be open to a man from Nigeria or elsewhere. I heard one lady say that the Naija guys here are slow when it comes to relationships and marriage. Maybe Yankee dey affect them. Cause back home, getting married is a thing of pride. Here, guys are busy dragging their feet and complaining about women not being this or that.

Guys have also been known to go home to bring a wife, so I won't pretend as if this is a one way street.

When two people come together, it takes time for them to get to know each other and build that love and trust that is necessary for a solid relationship. At the end of the day, if the couple can make things work and live happily with understanding, it doesn't matter where in the world they find each other. Many of these couples are now living together happily and raising beautiful families, just to prove the point. Cheers to love!


  1. Love can find anywhere it dosent matter where you meet the person

  2. Love can find anywhere it dosent matter where you meet the person