Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buddies in Business

Being an entrepreneur is a great way to have control over your income. Instead of depending on someone else to tell you how much money you can make, what you have to do to make it, and when you can make it, you can be your own boss. I'm trying to get myself into the mindset of an entrepreneur. My Meat Pie Girl business could be doing better. Being in school makes it kinda hard to make those things everyday. I wish I could sell the recipie to some huge company and get a huge monthly revenue. I'm talking global, cause those things are really good! Hahahaha.......That would be ideal.....Lol. A girl's gotta have dreams, right? I know it's possible, though.

Another one of my dreams is to write books: biographies of people with interesting stories; poetry; a memoir of my family's history (after I get the whole story down) and so much more. An author is another form of an entrepreneur: they produce words and sell them in the form of books for what they feel is a reasonable price. I am definitely working towards this goal every day. It will come to pass in my lifetime. And the church says...........AMEN! :)

Anyways, a few of my friends have businesses of their own. I think they're all awsome.

Take my friend Chinonso, for instance.
It's kinda funny calling her my friend because I feel like we're more like cousins. She's just a few years younger than me and we grew up together. Lots and lots of memories. :) It was kinda sad when her family moved from Michigan to Ohio almost two years ago. But we still keep good contact, so it's all good. (Special shout out to her: Hey Nkwocha, remember "Come back hia. What chapta are you from?" LOL!!!!)

Anyways, Chinonso is the proud owner of a hairbraiding business, called Naija American Enterprises. Now, the name used to be Braidz by Nonso, but the girl changed it. She jockin' on me, the Naija American Girl. Lol. Chichi (short for Chinonso) can really do some hair. She was looking for a way to make some extra money and she found it using one of her many skills. That's always an awsome way to start a business.

Another one of my friends, Gael, has a business of his own too. Gael and I both go to Wayne State and are members of the Wayne African Student Society and he's the only person from Burundi I've ever met! Anyways...his business, Gael's Gift , sells all kinds of great gifts, from household decorating items to jewelry and a lot more. For our African group's Christmas party we did a secret santa and he gave my sister a gift card to his website. She bought some pretty cool jewelry. His business is cool because you can access it from all over the world.

And then there is Ms. Elizabeth, founder of so many African organizations in Michigan, known by most Africans throughout the state, and owner of Eliscoco Ventures African Entertainmaent. This business does it all! Not only does it sell Nigerian and African movies, music, magazines, books, and so much more, they also do catering and ushering services for events. I've seen Elizabeth and her team in action at many local events. They does the job, ya dig? Lol.....Eliscoco Ventures is definitely a superbusiness run by a superwoman!

As you can see, young Africans are taking over!


  1. I'm always inspired by entrepreneurs so thanks for sharing this! It's hard to work on your entrepreneurial goals while working or at school but I know you'll make it happen!

    I have been thinking of writing a book lately too, and I'm still trying to find a way to bring some Nigeria flavour to Canada and the rest of the world. It's got to happen!

  2. Yes o, I so agree with you on putting our talents and skills to use, and if one can make money from it, great! I wish you and your friends all the best.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Good Naija Girl.... I'm sure your book will be great.

    Thans Myne, I'm trying to get like you! :)

  4. How can anyone miss on this blog, Totally be-enchanted by this blog.