Monday, April 12, 2010


So I'm convinced that spring weather is here to stay and with that has come the onset of  a severe case of im-tired-of-this-stupid-semester-itis. I mean really, who wants to be in any kind of class when the sun is shining bright and the weather is so nice? Not me! And academically, this semester has been mentally exhausting. Always worrying about some project or paper that's on the verge of driving me insane. Add to that my very bad tendency to procrastinate, and it's almost inevitable that at least one disaster will happen. I'm just ready to take all my final exams and be done. I pray to God that I pass all my classes.


A little over a week ago on April 1 Motown recording artist KEM stopped by my school and gave a little talk in honor of the school of social work's 75th anniversary. It was very inspiring because KEM, who grew up in Metro Detroit,  has recovered from alcoholism, drug addiction and homelessness and has been clean for 20 years. What I appreciate even more is the fact that he gives God all the thanks. His first words when he came onto the stage were, "God is good"  (crowd responds: all the time) "And all the time"  (crowd responds: God is good).

If you're not familiar with KEM, here is the single that put him on the map, Love Calls:

KEM was so down to earth, he talked to all his fans after his talk, signed autographs and took pictures. You know I had to get one with him. Lol...

His new album is set to come out this spring with a single to be released shortly.


  1. Very cool! I know a couple of people who love Kem; I'm not very familiar with him. You look lovely in that purple!

    Your first paragraph could have written by me several years back...ah, school woes!

  2. Hi GNG! Thanks for the compliment. I actually went home to change from a hoody into what you see me wearing because I wanted to interview him and his agent didn't get back to me until the day of KEM's talk and I was already in school wearing a hoody, which I thought unacceptable to meet KEM in. If I was smart I would have worn something nice, just in case.

    And about the school dear, I'm grateful that I know God dey! Some people are asking me about graduate school....I'm like graduate what?!?! least not immediately. Lol.

  3. I love Kem! He's the ultimate Wedding Singer. His song "I can't stop loving you" is my favorite. *swoon*