Saturday, May 29, 2010

Michelle Obama Comes to Wayne State!

Summer is in full effect and  with it, many busy plans and a short, less-than exciting class. So this past Wednesday, May 26 when Michelle Obama came to my school and was due to speak during the time I have class, what do you think I did? Boring class......Michelle Obama.....Boring class....Michelle Obama.......I think you know which one won. Hahahaha..... If it makes it any better, the class was four hours long and I went to the second part of it. Anyways.....

The First Lady was in town for a rally to encourage mentoring. Of course, she was wonderful and inspiring. I expected nothing less. My favorite part of her speech was when she told young people that their job was to focus on their education, not playing video games or dropping beats. Hahahha, had me cracking up! Someone must have told her of the epidemic of young wanna-be rappers in Detroit. She said there's a time and place for everything, but that education should be the first focus.

At the rally were also Magic Johnson, Spike Lee, Kimberly Locke and local Detroit business owners and politicians. They all talked a little about how they got where they were and the people that had made a difference in their lives. It was quite a star-studded event at little old Wayne State.  I didn't have a good camera with me, but the Detroit Free Press had some pretty awesome pictures. Here's my favorite.



  1. i think i would have choosen Michelle over a boring class too. lol! she is such an inspiration.

  2. Lol! Yep, I definitely think it was a worthwhile choice. Cause in 20 years, I won't remeber a thing from that class, but I bet I'll remember when I saw Michelle Obama! :)

  3. I knew it would be a perfect work of art the minute I began perusing the blog.