Friday, June 4, 2010

It's becoming real.....

Though I haven't talked much about it, my trip to Haiti is still in full effect. After waiting and starting to get nervous, three days ago my passport finally came. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Really, I wasn't even as nervous as my dad, who demanded to know if my passport had come every day when he came back from work...Hahahaha.... I'm still praying and believing that the grant money from my school comes in time for the trip.

Anyways, yesterday there was a gathering for everyone who was going to Haiti and that's when things started to become more real. We met with a representative from the organization that we're partnering with, Rays of Hope for Haiti. We got a briefing on what to expect and a packet of information with helpful phrases in Creole. We'll also have translators and security traveling with us, which is quite awesome.

The trip is a medical mission, so most of the people going are in the medical field. My job will be to photograph each child who comes to the clinics we set up. The pictures will be used in a project that this church does, where they fill a shoebox with nice things for the child and ship it back to them. I will also be chronicling the medical help being provided. I expect to get lots of great stories.

I'm really excited. After meeting all of the people going on the trip yesterday. I'm confident that some great work will be done, people's lives will be changed, and I'll have a great time in the process.

 I always thought that the first place that I would go once I got my passport renewed was NAIJA to see my family there, but I guess God has different plans for me. I'm still trying to find a way to get to Nigeria this summer, but in the meantime, I won't turn down this opportunity. I pray that everything goes well, and I believe it will. I leave Sunday June 13th and will be back on the 21st. I probably won't have Internet service there, so I'll have to tell you all about it when I get back. With lots of pictures, of course!

Just for fun: The last time I had a valid passport was when I went to Naija as a little baby of 6 years old!


  1. Nice one. Hope u have a lovely trip to Haiti

  2. hope u have a wonderful trip there, pls post pics!!! ( and just for safety, u shld take ur passport pics down)

  3. Hey, just dropped into your blog, from I dont know where. I totally love your Naija American Girl description.

    BTW, very scary seeing your passport details page and all - even tho you blanked out the number but there's more than enuf there for an idiot to get started on something - just saying !!

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