Sunday, June 6, 2010

YOU can help make the trip even better!!

Here are most of the people going on the trip. As you can see, not all of us are Africans! :)

Hey, so our trip to Haiti leaves in exactly one week. Our group plans on doing a lot of great things for the Haitians when we go, including:

-Taking many medical supplies and medications to give excellent medical care
-Buying food supplies for the people
-Bringing clothes, toiletries, and other supplies for the people

We already have a good amount of supplies, but the more we can get, the more impact we can make. Each of the people going is just packing a carry-on donating their two luggages to be filled with the equipment we're taking.
If you would like to help out with these things, you can donate right here. Every little bit would be greatly appreciated!

If the button doesn't work, click the address below:

The cost of the trip is pretty high, so some of the money might also go to airfare and accommodations. My personal thanks in advance to every kindhearted person who decides to give. :)

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