Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 Things I learned outside the classroom

We've all heard that you can't learn everything in a classroom. Things you learn outside of the classroom can be just as important, sometimes even more so. Now that I'm done with undergrad (almost, still got two tests; go figure! o_O) I realize that there were plenty of things I learned outside of class that I consider valuable:

How to parallel park
It's funny, because I almost failed my road test because of parallel parking. But during freshman year of college, I learned how to parallel park BY FORCE! Hahaha....At my school parking is crazy expensive. I'm talking $3 a day or $200 a semester for a parking pass. Highway robbery! Lol. After my first few months of paying for parking daily (it was $2.25 then) I saw cars parking for free on some side streets and I joined them. I remember the first day I parallel parked. I texted my best friend, I was so excited. Lol. You have to walk farther to the main buildings on campus, but it saved me a lot of money. And built some necessary exercise into my routine. Lol.

How to speak pidgin English
I just dey listen to my friends wey dey for this place. And e get many videos for Youtube wey I just watch and pick am small small. :)

A ton of gospel songs
Freshman year I was part of my school's gospel choir. Drama in the ranks was my main motivation for leaving, although I still sing in my church choir.

I've learned how to get all over the place in Michigan without getting lost. A trait inherited from my dad. Lol.

A few words in Creole
Courtesy of my trip to Haiti.

How to function when my emotions are out of whack
Sometimes I really question my stability because of the range of emotions that I can experience in a short period of time. Lol. But I'm always able to pull it together and do what I gotta do. Usually. :)

What my real values are
I've had opportunities to do things that would have benefited me, but would've been wrong. I've also been in situations that really tested my beliefs and values. I'm glad to say that I came out of them with my integrity intact.

The value of real friends
There's people you know will always be there for you. To me, that's the definition of a real friend.

That God will always come through
I've learned that God is faithful, that He is merciful, and that He is powerful from firsthand experience.

So it was a productive four years, in and out of the classroom. I wonder what life lessons I'll learn next... Hmmmmm....?


  1. Great and inspiring list of lessons learned out of the classroom. I envy your pidgin skills...must find some friends who speak Pidgin that I can learn from!

    Amen to that last one o...that's a lesson we all need to learn and never forget!

    All the best with your two tests!

  2. Thanks my friend.... And Youtube can also aid you in learning pidgin.

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