Sunday, December 12, 2010

I graduated, naps and all!!!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday the ground was clear; by the time I woke up this morning, heavy snow covered the ground and continue to fall as my family and I made our way to my graduation. I was still on time though!

When I first started at Wayne State University, I thought it would take an eternity to finish, but here I am, a four years later, and I realize how fast it went by. It's almost scary; I feel just as young and tender as ever, yet I am now a Bachelor's degree holder.

It's funny because strangely enough, I didn't feel that excited, initially. Heck, I was more excited for finishing simple high school!! Lol. I think it's because I realize that this is only a small step in my journey. There's sooooo much I still want and need to do. Nevertheless, I am grateful to God for allowing me to see this day. I know much more is in store.

But for real, I even forgot to make time to get my hair done for graduation! These days I been rocking a frohawk-type 'do mainly because I haven't had time to get it done or coerce someone into doing it (my mom and my sisters can do hair. I, for some reason, cannot. Lol). But I never planned on going to graduation with a frohawk! Lol.

It was all good though. I just put on my graduation cap and let it be!

My sisters and "anty." Naija people, you know how we do
My parents and my uncle. He's actually blood related, my dad's brother. Lol.

Nappy, but happy. Lol.
As I've said in blogs past, my next step is to attend a school where I will learn video, graphics, and web design. But thinking back on my undergraduate years, there were so many opportunities, events, and people that shaped my experience. It's mindblowing to think of it. That's a whole 'nother blog in and of itself! I'll have to do that one next.... :)

But for now, I have to end by saying that the Lord is good, and His mercies endure forever. The milestone marked today  is only a reflection of that fact.

Now I have to get back to writing my last paper!

In the meantime, look at this video of some adorable African kids!! My sister put me up on it. Lol.


  1. Congratulations, dear! I will certainly give thanks to the Lord for he truly is good...and I am SO grateful for his mercies.

    They held your graduation before you turned in that final paper? hehehe...make sure you turn it in o!

  2. Congratulations ,on to greater heights,the sky is your launch pad.

  3. Congrats dear!
    Wishing you the very best.

  4. Thank you guys! And GNG, yes I turned in the paper today.... Ugh!