Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to Bookish

Before I was ever a writer, I was a reader. As a child, I devoured book after book as a favorite pastime. One auntie even seemed worry about me. "Chichi, go play with the other kids," she would say when she came to visit us. Her kids and my siblings would be tearing up the house (inside and out) in a crazy frenzy of raucous noise, but I could still keep my focus on the latest paper treasure that I had found.

As I grew older I got more social, but I still loved to read all the way though high school. Then came college.

No longer was I able to spend vast amounts of time reading books of my own choosing for pleasure, for I had huge reading assignments from textbooks that could put even the most avid reader to sleep. No more free reading for me! At least, not much of it.

Now that I'm done with undergrad, I can read again! I'm excited for that. Reading is a true love of mine. My favorite books are autobiographies. To me, it's just so amazing to hear a person's life story, with all it's twists and turns, and see the person they've become.

Right now I'm reading Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, his autobiography.
Please excuse the silliness. Lol.
I can remember about four years ago my friend Louise was braiding my hair. She had won the book in a drawing, but she wasn't particularly into it. It was sitting on the floor of her room and I picked it up.  I started reading it, but didn't get far. We had no idea who the man would become. Now that we all know who Obama is, his story is even more fascinating to me. How did he become who he is? So far, the book hasn't disappointed. Obama is eloquent and his written voice tells a story that makes you want to keep reading.

I'm a big fan of the library, so that's where I got the book. I also checked out this book:

Investing Online for Dummies. So far I've learned that I have no business investing money in the stock market until I build up a solid savings. I'm working on that right now. Bringing my lunch everyday instead of buying, buying gas from Kroger because they give great discounts to their customers, not going shopping for those new pairs of jeans, and getting books from the library instead of buying them. Ahhhh frugality.

But anyways, Yaaaaaaay reading! Lol. I sound like a supernerd. But that's ok. :)


  1. Oh, I have to get on the frugality train...I'm with you on using the library instead of buying books. It's something my dad introduced us to as soon as we could read. My sister and I would be lost without our library.

    I've got a goal to read two books a month this year. I won't be finishing the book I chose for January in time but hopefully I can pick up this book you're reading and get inspired by Obama this year.

    I like the kissy face you're's cute!

  2. Good to hear from you bloggin' sis! It feels good to be back to reading. I know you're always reading though, with your cute little 'Currently Reading' bar on the side. And about the face.... Don't mind me..Lol.

  3. I love the energy in your blog. Do join our African art magazine page on Facebook

  4. Thanks Arinze. Sure, I'll check you guys out.

  5. Good job sister. I like some of your blog.