Friday, September 23, 2016

Greedy Uncle Sam

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Chei! Uncle Sam is one of the greediest uncles you can ever meet. If you're reading from Nigeria or anywhere outside of the United States, Uncle Sam is what we here in Yankee call the Internal Revenue Service AKA United States money collecting system. It's the agency that collects taxes from every working citizen and business owner. If I tell you how these people chop my money every time I get paid, you no go believe.

In the US, if you are unmarried or have no children, you pay more in taxes. The rationale is that you have less responsibility, so you can afford to give a higher percentage of your money than someone who is married and/or has kids. So see me o, no child, not married ( yet ;) ). I pay over 25% in taxes. Before I get my paycheck that tax money is gone, bye, bye.

Uncle Sam is worse than Osuofia because for someone to chop your dollar in that style, you first have to be a fool or a very greedy person. But Uncle Same dey chop everybody money, fool or not.

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"I go chop your dollar. I go take your money, disappear..."
- Osuofia
The difference is what Uncle Sam does with our tax money. Our taxes are used to build the county. Things like roads, schools, and government budgets come from the tax money that we pay. Yes, things are not perfect, but the United States infrastructure is one that functions more smoothly than Nigeria. Even knowing this, it is still painful to pay.

I'm not really sure about the tax system in Nigeria, but from what I've learned, it's minimal compared to what we experience in the U.S. My question is this, if paying tax could help fix Nigeria's roads and infrastructures, would it be worthwhile for citizen's to pay? Government fit chop the money anyway, so no need. Chei, Nigeria! Hmmmm.

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