Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend Wahala

My people, what's going on? Your family, kwanu? Your children, nko? Lol.... Let me tell you what happened last weekend. No be small thing o....

Last  Friday I attended my friend's induction into an academic honor society. It was quite a lovely event with a live saxophonist, a keynote address from one of Detroit's well-known pastors, and a candle-lighting ceremony. My friend even ordered meatpies and fishrolls from me, so I got me a little cash. She failed to plan the logistics of the night, so afterwards, the people who came to see her ended up eating the stuff in the parking lot. We won't talk about that. Lol....

Saturday is when the real wahala started. People had come from Abuja so that we could renew our Nigerian passports or apply for them for the first time. It's a shame because even though there's an embassy in Washington D.C., they basically ignore anyone who contacts them by mail or phone. So you have to travel there if you want to do anything with a passport. It's a hassle. So it was great that the necessary officials came from Nigeria for people in the Detroit area to do their passports.

The problem was that it wasn't well-organized. Many people didn't know that they were coming until the day before or even the same day. Some people didn't know all that was required and had to leave and caused confusion when they wanted to come back to the front of the line while others were shouting for them to go to the end. There were only two people processing applications and fingerprints. So it was a. . .l   o   n   g . . .  .   s  l   o   w . . . .  p r o c e s s. . .

But on Saturday, we had other obligations. So after waiting for some hours, we had to leave. One of my sisters was competing in a scholarship pageant, Inkster Distinguished Young Woman, which she won!!! Next it's off to the state level :)

 Sunday was the second day of passport processing, so we went back there to finish up (and missed church because of it). It was supposed to go faster for those who had come the day before. Not! We were there at 9 a.m. like they told us to, but they were late (of course) and it still took forever before we were called. One good thing that came out of it was that I got to see one of my childhood friends that I only see every once in a while now.
My dad, my mom, and I were able to complete the passport process, but my three sisters were not. We had to leave again because my sister who won the competition had to attend a meeting for all local winners,  I had a meatpie order to make and deliver, and my other sister had  to perform in a dance concert at her school.  After we left, people that we knew were calling us and said that the passport people had called my sister's names to process their application. But it was too late.

Anyways, my sister's performance was fabulous! She even had a solo in the beginning.They do African dance from central Africa. Here's a little clip...

That's her you see when the video first comes on

It's funny because growing up,  my sister was always to shy to dance in public, but look at her now! It was a great end to a hectic weekend. This weekend it's all about doing some hair and birthday parties/dinners, so not as hectic but still fun. Bye!


  1. Aww...congrats to your friend and especially your sister. I hope she does well at the state level too.

    As for the passport officials, I guess it was nice of them to make that arrangement, but better organisation may have helped.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes to my folks.. As for the pasport people, una know our people, now. Lol...

  3. First time here, great fun stories, check out irokotv for Naija movies, will be back.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, and the tip! I'll be sure to check it out.