Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost spring?

Isn't this picture just lovely? I took it last year on a beautiful summer day, maybe July or August. The place is the riverfront of a city about 25 minutes from where I live. Today was so lovely that I really wanted to go there again. Like seriously, it's March 18 and I'm thinking summery thoughts. Could it really be.........SPRING? It's been about two weeks of spring-ish weather, and its got me thinking............. But, sigh. In Michigan, that's almost unthinkable. Most of us who've lived here for years know that we could see fluffy white stuff from the sky any day until about the end of May......But for now, I forbid those thoughts from crossing my mind.  I even heard my jam for the summer of 2009 on the radio today, in the car with my best friend. It's "On the Ocean" by Detroit's own K'Jon. 


Love that song. Anyways, today  I went to the place where I volunteer The Dominican Literacy Center. I go there once a week and work with my student Nancy, to help her improve her reading. Nancy is a really nice lady and since I started in January, we've gotten along really well. Before getting to the lesson, we always talk a little about our personal lives and things. Today, Nancy started telling me more about her life, and it's pretty amazing. :)

She said that she was born in Mississippi (1 of 15 kids)  and mainly due to a teacher who was so mean and scared her, she had a hard time learning to read. The woman also happened to be her stepmother.  When she got pregnant at 15, any hopes of her finishing her education were gone, she said. Eventually she moved to Michigan and got married to a man who didn't want her to have anything to do with school. Looking back, she said she realized that it was because he wanted to keep her dependent on him. 

Now she must be in her late 50s or early 60s. I didn't ask, but I know that since she's a black lady, she looks good for her age. She told me that although it wasn't easy, she's always had a job and was able to take care of herself. She said that right now, she has the best job she's ever had, making more than she ever has. She gives God all the thanks and credit. She said that she never could have done it without him.

I really love hearing stories like hers. I told her that she should write a book one day, even if it meant having a professional writer help her. She said she'd think about it. That would be one book that I would definitely read!


  1. It's amazing isn't it, how we all have stories worth sharing. Maybe with the help you're giving her she will one day be able to write her own story, all by herself.

    I love that you're such a good citizen; volunteerism is very important.

  2. GNG has said what came to my mind. We all have our stories. That is one reason I love blogging. And yeah, spring is here. It hasn't really rained here for a while.

  3. @ GNG: Thanks. I just try to do the small things I can because God has blessed me. And hearing peoples' stories is one thing I really love to do. I love bios and autobios.

    @ Myne: Yep, blogging is excellent for storytelling. And I really hope spring is here to stay. :)

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