Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sometimes, all you need is a laugh

Yesterday was an incredibly long day, or at least it felt that way. It was one of those days where the little things mean so much, like people in the office buying you lunch and the sunshiny pre-spring weather. I say pre-spring because I know Michigan weather too well to be fooled into thinking that these lovely 40 and 50 degree days are the start of spring. Knowing Michigan, tomorrow we could wake up to a foot of snow! Seriously though.  But I am definitely enjoying it. Aahhhhhhh..... :)

As lovely as the weather was, my mood was still kind of off. I found myself in need of a good laugh by the time I got home. I found a few by watching this movie that my little sister put on called "The Wild."

 It's some ridiculous children's movie about a lion who pretends to be from the jungle and really isn't and ends up having to find inner-bravery to find his lost son. Hahahaha.....The animals were so goofy. I was probably laughing the whole way through.  :)

Speaking of laughs, on Monday I ran into this man at my office at school named Willie Johnson again. Willie does custodial work in the building where I have my office and he is funny!

He does all kinds of voice impressions, but he's most known for his Donald Duck impression. He told me that when Mason in the Morning used to come on radio station FM 98 WJLB, he used to call on there often and do his Donald Duck voice. Mason gave him the nickname Willie the Duck! Lol. He also does a Jamaican accent. Willie said that one time he was at a store and started talking to this Jamaican using the accent. He said the guy started asking him what part of Jamaica he was from. Willie then confessed that he was a native Detroiter. Hahahahaa......

Willie, who is also a ventriloquist, said that one day he would like to do animation and use all his skills in a full-time endeavor. I reminded him that Tyler Perry was once homeless, and look at him now! With God, anything is possible.

Check out this video that Willie made. It's pretty funny.

I really wish him a lot of success. Wouldn't it be amazing if he really does go national. I know it's possible.

This week, I've really realized the value of a good laugh and I really appreciate those things and people in my life that make me smile and laugh. They can really lift a mood. :)


  1. Not to take away from his talent but his name is really "Willie Johnson" as in....oh you get the picture...

  2. LucidLil is spoiling me on this blogville oh, lol. Willie looks cute and I watched that cartoon last year and it was so funny!

  3. You guys will have to clue me in. Willie Johnson as in ..... who exactly? Lol. And yes Myne, the wild is HILARIOUS! Lol. I still love kid movies. Probably always will. :)