Sunday, March 28, 2010

WASS Cultural Week and Show!!!

Over my years at Wayne State I've had lots of experiences. I've joined groups. I've unjoined groups (lol). I've participated in so many different activities and extracarriculars. But the best of them all has been the Wayne African Student Society. My fellow group members are like cousins to me and I love every single one of them. We've had some great times and when I look back, I'm, sure many of my best college memories will no doubt be tied to WASS.

This week WASS is putting on a cultural week and show. Each day from Monday to Thursday we have a different event:
- Monday March 29 is movie night and we're showing "Catch a Fire."
-Tuesday March 30 is Taste of Africa and Game Night.
-Wednesday March 31 is our discussion. We're having a discussion on the differences and similarities between Africans and African Americans with a panel of memebers from each group. That should really be interesting! Hahahaha.....
-Thursday April 1 we're gonna get down with an African dance class.

Then on Saturday we have the cultural show. This is is main MAIN event, and it's going to be off the hook! It was last year's cultural show that I performed my poem, "Naija American Girl"  for the first time. This year I'm doing another poem. There's going to be skits, poetry, a fashion show, and lots of dancing. I'm also going to be in the fashion show and in a Igbo dance performance.

If you're in the Detroit area, you should definitely come. The show is on Saturday April 3rd at 5pm in Wayne State's Community Arts Auditorium. The building's adress is 450 Reuther Mall, Detroit, MI 48202. However, you cannot drive on Reuther Mall because it's in the interior of campus. But the building is also faces Cass Avenue, which is driveable. If you plan on coming and want further directions, just leave me a comment and I can definitely give you detailed instructions for how to get there and where to park.


  1. Looks like it would be a great week of events, too bad we're not in the area. Have a nice one.

  2. ur ASA is better than mine lol...and detroit doesnt have a huge african pop. does it?

  3. Myne - It's going to be an awesome week, for sure.
    Onosetale - Detroit's African population isn't as big as the one in Houston, Maryland or New York, but it's big enough for there to be many cultural groups and events all the time. We just dey try small small. Lol.