Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chineke Nna

Eastern Uganda- People dig for survivors of a landslide that wiped out three villages. 

On   yesterday I saw a story that made me gasp. Literally. Just a few days ago a mudslide in eastern Uganda buried hundreds of people alive. The story I read told heartbreaking cases of children who went to take shelter in a school all being buried. Three whole villages were wiped out. Villages called
Nametsi, Namakansa and Kubewo.

Now people are digging through the mud to find survivors. Na wa oh. Can you imagine?  Natural disaters are becoming too common these days. Haiti....Chile.....Uganda....I just learned today that there was an earthquke in Taiwan today.

All I can say is "Chineke nna" ..... "Father God"......Help your people ooohh.......


  1. WOW!!!! so hurrican katrina,the tsunami, earthquake in haiti,chile,taiwon,china, mudlide in uganda? this is most def. a sign...forreal.

  2. It really is. People need to understand that this stuff is real. The world is coming to an end. Don't know exactly when, but it most definitely is. People, make peace with God! 'Cause you never know...

  3. I echo your words, bigtime. Praying for some miracles in this Uganda situation. So sad!